Promised Land Stories: The Golan

Ahhh…the Golan Heights! It is a complicated area in a complicated region, and it is very difficult to describe what it’s like to be there. However, we’ll give Hermana a shot at it in this Promised Land Story:

The Golan Heights are some of the most treasured land in Israel. Why? Because, as the name implies, it is a high place situated between the lower Galilee area of Israel and the countries of Syria and Lebanon.

In Israel’s early wars, significant conflicts broke out there, as Israel’s Defense Force desparately defended the high ground. Sitting beneath the Golan Heights is a terrible place to be if mortars and rockets are being fired upon you from above!

The Golan Heights belong to Israel, though there is dispute among neighboring countries. When Israel is in control, there is peace. In fact, it is impossible to describe how peaceful it feels there, despite the fact Hezbollah seems to continually be a thorn in the side.

As you saw in the video, war-torn Damascus lies only 65 km (40 miles) from the Israeli border. While chaos reigns to the north, peace envelops the Israeli Golan. It is difficult to explain, but we will go there in February to experience it for ourselves! Join us on our 2021 EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR!

Be sure to check back for next Sunday’s Promised Land Story, as Hermana shares about something especially meaningful to me!

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