Amir Tsarfati and Jack Hibbs Address COVID, the Church and Our First Admendment

The Constitution and your First Amendment Rights. - ppt download

Christian friends, America teeters on a very precarious edge of history. Will we make the sharp left turn toward socialism and dictatorship of globalism, or will we salvage what’s left of the blessings bestowed upon us as a nation founded upon the principles of God? America truly is at a crossroads.

The globalist agenda first lurked in the background. Then it began to rear its ugly head by quietly introducing its concepts and waiting for the right worldwide crisis that would advance its agenda by conditioning people to give up freedoms in lieu of “a greater cause.” Today, the “greater cause” is supposedly safety from the coronavirus, while our First Amendment rights are in danger of extinction.

The First Amendment guarantees free exercise of religion and peaceful gathering…yet, for the most part, churches remain either shutdown completely, or opened in only very limited capacity. Furthermore, as though COVID takes a hiatus when thousands gather to protest and riot, there is no effort in some places to limit capacity or shut them down. Meanwhile, a “pandemic of fear” is resulting in extraordinary death rates by suicide, depression, and drug and alcohol abuse. Domestic violence and child abuse rates are also skyrocketing. Sadly, churches, in general, are in no position to minister to them.

These social ills are planks in the stage being set for the rise of One World Order, and the church simply must arise and stand for righteousness. As believers, we must know and understand the truth of God’s Word, and fight for the First Amendment of our Constitution that guarantees our right to assemble and to worship.

Recently, I carved out time to listen to two highly respected Bible teachers discuss COVID, the church and our First Amendment. In light of Bible prophecy and what lies ahead, I found the discussion very interesting.

I realize it is controversial. Some will agree and others will disagree. That’s okay, because the goal is not necessarily to agree, but to consider just what is at stake in today’s culture. Thus, I defer to Pastor Jack Hibbs, who pastors the largest fully-opened congregation in the world, and Amir Tsarfati, a world-renown Bible teacher, as they discuss COVID, the church, and our First Amendment. Carve out 45 minutes and enjoy the conversation.

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