Making Sense of the Old Testament

Hey Christian friends! Today I want to challenge your thinking just a bit. Chew on these questions momentarily:

  • When did Christianity come about?
  • Why is Israel important to us?
  • What is the Kingdom of God and how do we discover it?
  • Have we entered into the middle of a movie?

Ok, you’re asking “What in the world does that last question have to do with anything!?!” Well, it will become crystal clear as you hear a “Japenese-American-Israeli” explain! I want to introduce you to Peter Tsukahira, the pastor of a Messianic congregation in Israel, as he speaks at a conference in Jerusalem. He will answer those questions in a very entertaining way. Enjoy!

Friends, we likely won’t run into Pastor Tsukahira on our tour to Israel in February 2021, but we will definitely engage with other Arab, Palestinian and Messianic Jewish pastors whose congregations are doing absolutely incredible work in Israel! It is always one of the highlights of our tours.

We have a few seats left on the 2021 EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR, and we have made it as affordable as possible, while still delivering a top quality tour. Check it out and come go with us to Israel in February!

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