Tens of Thousands Descended Upon Washington for Prayer March 2020…Millions Participated Virtually!

UPDATE: The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has announced:

Millions Worldwide Pause and Pray During DC Gathering


Praise God for the believers in America standing strong for our government and our leaders!

Franklin Graham called for prayer in our nation’s capital and thousands gathered there on Saturday to pray for America and our leaders at many locations on the national mall. At the time of this writing, an additional 277,000 joined the event on Facebook, and almost 500,000 more have viewed the event on YouTube! (Since then, BGEA has reported over 3.8 million have participated!)

Christian friends, we are a strong voice and we are being heard, not simply in Washington, but more importantly, by the God of heaven! Our nation is in trouble and it is time for believers to rise up, to repent, and to avail ourselves to our Creator God for His purposes. Praise God for strong Godly leaders in our country who lead the charge!

Vice President Mike Pence, who never hides his Christian convictions, opened the event, so I encourage you to take time to see at least the first 15 minutes or so. Then, if you are unable to make time to see the rest, please carve out some time to pray according to the prayer points provided by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association for this event. Your prayers matter, so please join the effort.

2 thoughts on “Tens of Thousands Descended Upon Washington for Prayer March 2020…Millions Participated Virtually!

  1. Jana Reible

    Thanks for sharing this info Kym. We watched thru their streaming service. We were moved to tears as we heard and saw those who had come to pray and to pray with them thru the Holy Spirit. Awesome!

    1. Amen Jana! I’m glad you were able to watch. I saw about an hour of it live, then watched more of it later. What an awesome sight to see believers come together in the power of the Holy Spirit to petition the God of heaven for grace, mercy and favor. Miss you and hope you are well!

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