Prophecy Being Fulfilled as Israel Braces for Massive Aliyah

Immigration to Israel up 28% in 2019 - Inside Israel - Israel ...

Aliyah: return to the homeland. It was prophesied by Ezekiel and Jeremiah. It happened in great numbers as Jews from Europe and Russia made their way to Israel following WWII. It continued at a steady pace until a few years ago when the numbers ramped up exponentially each year. 2019 saw an increase of over 25% from the year before.

Believe it or not, aliyah continues in significant number despite the dramatic reduction in flights into Israel. Yet, they are still coming! Antisemitism and the coronavirus are driving Jewish people “back home” in droves…so much so, the Israeli government is facing deep concerns as to how to absorb them all! (Read about that here.)

Along with all the other signs of the times we see in our world today, this is just one more fulfillment of Bible prophecy! The Jewish people will return to their land, where they will dwell in security and safety until another prophetic event happens. That would be the northern invasion by Russia, Iran, Turkey and others.

How do I know? That is exactly what Ezekiel 36-39 describes! Often, we focus on Ezekiel 38-39, in which Ezekiel clearly lays out what will take place when the Russian-led coalition invades Israel from the north. (Read those chapters and you will find it does not go well for the invaders!)

But Ezekiel 36-37 are just as important. There, Ezekiel describes the preparation of the land of Israel to receive the people of Israel back home! Indeed, that is a prophecy that has been in the process of fulfillment for many years. But we’re seeing huge numbers these days! For example, I am very familiar with a specific United Airlines route that flies through Newark. According to sources, those flights have flown fairly regularly between Newark and Tel Aviv…almost full going, nearly empty returning. New York City happens to be the largest concentration of Jews anywhere in the world other than Israel, and they (along with others, I’m sure) are making their way to the Promised Land!

You’ve seen and heard it here before, but it never gets old. Aaron Shust tells the story in song. It’s called Zion. Sit back, relax and enjoy it once again!

Shabbat Shalom….and pray for our Jewish friends as the Lord faithfully brings them back home!

3 thoughts on “Prophecy Being Fulfilled as Israel Braces for Massive Aliyah

    1. Yes! I was especially blessed to hear Aaron Schust debut that song at a conference in Washington DC on the day the US moved their embassy to Jerusalem! Very powerful song when you understand the prophecy of Israel’s return!

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