Antisemitism Rising in US Congress

As you may know, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to make a decision regarding whether or not Israel will exercise sovereignty over parts (30%) of Judea and Samaria. Some have labeled this “annexation,” which is not accurate. Annexation implies taking over land that currently belongs to someone else. All Judea and Samaria (aka West Bank) legally belong to Israel, though parts have been run by the Palestinian Authority due to what was necessary for peace following Israel’s war history.

According to the Trump Peace Plan, the US laid out a proposal in which Israel could exercise sovereignty over portions (Israeli settlements) of Judea and Samaria, while providing a pathway to sovereignty for the Palestinians if they abide by stipulations such as recognizing Israel as the Jewish homeland, ceasing to fund terrorists and moving Hamas out of control of territory.

In exercising sovereignty, if that is the route Israel chooses, they would NOT be moving Palestinians out of their cities and homes. They would simply gain sovereignty over what is already theirs.

There are complications to the deal for sure, but this should be Israel’s decision, and no one else’s!

Meanwhile, AOC and her socialists friends in Congress are threatening to cut aid and impose “human rights” conditions on Israel if they exercise sovereignty over what is theirs. In other words, their long-held and staunch support of the Palestinian Authority and its ties to terrorism is their mantra, and they are pushing forward with action in Congress. Will the liberal left follow the far left socialists? Will all Democrats then break according to partisan lines? May it never be!

What we need to understand, believers, is that this is not a political issue…it is a spiritual issue that demands political action. The Bible is incredibly clear about the importance of standing with Israel. (Genesis 12:3, Joel 3:2) The point here is not so much which choice Israel should make, but that Israel not be pressured into making a decision based on threats from the US Congress. Forcing Israel’s hand is NOT supporting or standing with Israel. It is dictating to her. There is no blessing in that.

For those who believe it is not a Christian’s duty to vote, please take note. Voting is a privilege and every Christian should honor the privilege given to us. Not everyone is “into” politics…and that’s fine. But voting in support of moral and Biblical issues is part of being a citizen of this great country, and it IS our duty to stand with Israel according to Scripture.

Let’s exercise our privileges granted by the blood and lives spent to gain it. Commit to vote this November…and vote Christian values! Israel and America both benefit by that.

Blessed is the Nation Whose God is the Lord" - YouTube

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