One for Israel Challenges Jewish Rabbis

ONE FOR ISRAEL Ministry - Jewish Evangelism, Bible College ...

Friends, I want to share some really cool things that are happening at One for Israel, an evangelical Messianic ministry in Israel. One for Israel is a group of Jews who have met Messiah, and who reach deeply into the Jewish culture. Believe it or not, Israelis spend more time on social media than anyone else on earth! Thus, One for Israel has captured an audience online and on multiple social media platforms and they are reaching Jews with the Gospel of Yeshua HaMashiach…Jesus the Messiah!

One way they do that is by producing videos that debunk the teachings of rabbis. Understand this: Jews consider the Torah (Old Testament) as sacred text. However, interpretation is left to rabbis who often have outlandish ways of interpreting. So, One for Israel produces videos and teachings that refute rabbinic misinterpretations.

Recently one video went viral and it hit mainstream media! Here is a “toned down” version: Rabbis View on Women. The viral video is in Hebrew (without subtitles) and contains actual footage of rabbis making specific statements.

Here is a behind-the-scenes interview with the woman who produced the video, and the story behind it: Viral Video ROCKS the Rabbinic Establishment

Indeed, One for Israel is doing incredible work in reaching the Jewish people with the Gospel of their Messiah! Browse their website to find out more.

BTW – Israel College of the Bible, which is associated with One for Israel, coordinates our tours to Israel! It is because of their hard work that I am able to fully customize a tour and arrange for tour groups to experience things (such as meeting Palestinian, Arab and Messianic Jewish pastors) that typical tours do not!

You are invited to join us on our next tour: February 19-March 3, 2021. Register soon for great discounts! Check out the EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR 2021 page and get on board for the experience of a lifetime!

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