Jews Praying for Salvation on Temple Mount?

The answer: yes!

Two things of note here:

  • Typically, Jews are not allowed to pray on Temple Mount. It is controlled by the Muslim Wakf (religious leader), and patrolled by the Israeli police. However, with everything shut down, access to Temple Mount was possible, and Yehuda Glick, a former MK and outspoken Zionist, took advantage of the opportunity. (See this report.)
  • By and large, Jewish people do not recognize Jesus as the Messiah. So, while they do pray for salvation, they believe it will come when the Messiah arrives on the scene. Unfortunately, though Romans 11:25-27 promises a national salvation for Israel, it will not happen until after the Tribulation. So, their prayers are sincere, but let’s pray for something more for them: realization, before the Tribulation, that Jesus (Yeshua) indeed came to die for their sins and rise again to give them the salvation they seek. As Gentile believers, we have been gifted with their Messiah. Let’s share Him!

If you saw this morning’s post, you know there are Jews in Israel fervently sharing Yeshua with all countrymen who will listen. It’s time to pray, dear friends! One for Israel is on the front lines, so let’s start by asking the Lord’s favor on their ministry.

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