Jesus Trail: Walking Where Jesus Walked

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While working from home, or otherwise cooped up and wishing we were elsewhere, imaginations carry us to places we would rather be and to adventures that linger on our “bucket list.”

In such situations, my imagination races off to Israel. I have been blessed to do a lot of interesting things there, but one that remains on my bucket list is to hike the Jesus Trail.

Nazareth was Jesus’ boyhood hometown, but He spent the majority of His ministry in the Galilee area. We don’t know how many times He walked between the two, but His footsteps are now mapped out and ambitious visitors can actually hike the 36 miles between Nazareth and Capernaum. It typically takes about 4 days, and leads through places such as Cana (where Jesus’ first miracle occurred), Mt Arbel (a steep cliff overlooking the Sea of Galilee), Magdala (home of Mary Magdalene and a first century synagogue in which Jesus taught), Tabgha (where Jesus called Peter, James and John) and Mount of Beatitudes (where Jesus taught the Sermon on the Mount).

So, while we’re stuck at home, join me in a virtual adventure on…

The Jesus Trail


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