Coronavirus: Is it the Globalists' Dream?

Friends, we’re going to cover some ground today by putting together pieces of a puzzle. Stick with me through this…

Revelation tells of a time Satan, the Antichrist and the False Prophet will establish One World Order (one currency, one government, one religion). I have written about it on occasion, and you can find extensive information in two videos found here. (They are both excellent, and I recommend them!)

Given the evidence moving toward One World Order in our world today, we might ask, “Who is pushing this agenda and setting the stage for the rise of the Antichrist, which kicks off One World Order?” Answer: the globalists! Those who want open borders, limited population and socialist ideology! They stand for abortion, euthanasia and otherwise ridding society of “unwanteds,” while advocating “free” healthcare (which, ironically, includes killing babies!) and education for everyone, at the government’s expense.

Add to that, President Trump has put his foot down on the inequity in trade deals with China and is working to level the playing field between the two largest economies on earth.

Now we come to the coronavirus. There is absolutely no doubt where the virus originated, yet China is attempting to use the crisis to gain economic advantage over America. This CBN video tells the story.

President Trump is determined to fight the Chinese propaganda machine, but what a battle he has on his hands. As a result, all the pieces of the puzzle are fitting together to create a picture none of us wants to see. Here’s how:

1 John 4:3 tells us the spirit of the Antichrist is already at work in the world. Think of world atrocities and that is where you see that evil spirit at work. Is “the” Antichrist alive today? I don’t know…and for believers, it matters very little because we will be out of here before he is revealed. (2 Thessalonians 2:1-12, particularly verse 7, indicates the man of lawlessness is being restrained. That restrainer is the Holy Spirit who lives within believers. Once the Rapture occurs, the restrainer is gone and the Antichrist will soon after begin his rule. That’s called the Tribulation.)

Once the Antichrist comes on the scene, the world will initially embrace him as a man of peace, as he brings the entire world together…One World Order. Certainly, a smaller population and lands without borders will be much easier to mobilize. (FYI – Italy could not close its borders because it is part of the EU, and the EU didn’t close their borders! Same with Germany. Now we see them being hit much harder proportionately than others with the coronavirus.)

Now, consider China. With an agenda of their own (world economic domination), they have no problem doing things that play right into the hands of the globalists…though they may not “officially” side with them. The Wuhan virus (coronavirus, aka COVID-19) was almost assuredly a man-made virus. (“Somehow” the virus quickly grew 4 additional amino acids. That doesn’t happen naturally.) The Wuhan lab is known to be directly connected with the Chinese military’s chemical weapons program. Furthermore, Chinese officials knew of the virus as early as November, yet kept it a secret…all the while hosting a gigantic New Year’s celebration with throngs of people who then traveled all over the world, spreading the virus.

President Trump, understanding the globalist agenda, has been a staunch advocate for nationalism. “Make America Great Again,” not “Let’s All Hold Hands and Sing Kumbaya.” Whether Trump understands it or not, he has been instrumental in implementing Biblical ideals, such as nationalism, support of Israel, religious freedom, sanctity of life and other things.

Those values have torn at the liberal left, whose globalists agenda highlights issues that “bring us together.” (Global warming, women’s rights, blatant immorality, big government, socialism, etc)

Do you see the puzzle pieces fitting together? During the Antichrist’s heyday, One World Order will rule the day. The globalists are tugging at it and China (knowingly or unknowingly) is playing their part. The spread of COVID-19 killing people all over the world has helped eliminated “unwanteds” (particularly the elderly who serve no real purpose in the minds of globalists), the news has struck fear and panic in the minds of people and its intent is to bring down the world’s largest economy, and President Trump and his administration are easy scapegoats. If the globalists can just get him out of office, they can unleash their globalist agenda.

Which reminds me of Iran! What a comparison! The mullahs and religious leaders there believe Allah has called them to create havoc in order to bring back the Muslim messiah. Meanwhile, globalists in America and Europe are also creating havoc, which sets the stage for the false messiah (Antichrist)! Who will get to the finish line first…Iran or the globalists!?! (No, the Muslim messiah is NOT the Antichrist…but that is a whole different teaching!)

“So what,” you say. “Are you trying to scare us?”

No…absolutely not. As believers, there is nothing to fear. God promises to save us from the wrath to come. (1 Thessalonians 1:10) Bible prophecy is not meant to SCARE, but to PREPARE! Are you prepared?

It is time to be ready. God is God and He could tarry if He chooses. However, Scripture tells us that Jesus rebuked religious leaders (Matthew 16:1-3) and His followers (Luke 12:54-56) for not discerning the time and season in which they lived.

Would He rebuke us for the same reason today?

We do not know the day and the hour of the Rapture, but Scripture teaches us to discern the time and season in which we live! We’re living in the time and season of His return. Sure…God could tarry another 100 years or more. But, He would have to press pause on all the world events happening today that align with Scripture. Otherwise, we could meet Jesus in the air (Rapture) at any moment.

Are. You. Ready?

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