Share Mohammad’s Story

No, not THAT Mohammad! Did you know Mohammad is thought to be the most popular name in the world? An estimated 150 million men and boys are named Mohammad. Of course, there is one Mohammad (father of Islam) more popular than the others. However, it is not his story that needs to be told. Here is one that does:

Yes, Arab Muslims serve in virtually all sectors of Israeli society. In a democracy, they are even represented in the Israeli Knesset! So, the next time you hear someone accuse Israel of being an apartheid state, consider how Arabs are treated in Israel!

By God’s grace, our tour group will enjoy fellowship with Palestinian and Arab pastors in Israel (as well as Messianic Jewish pastors) when we visit in November. We will see and hear first-hand their experiences in Israel.

Will you take a moment right now to pray that pockets of peace between Jews and Arabs in Israel expand. Your prayers are not in vane as you pray for the peace of Jerusalem! (Psalm 122)

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