Let’s Explore Caesarea Philippi

We are just over 2 months away from our journey to Israel, and one of our stops will be Caesarea Philippi, an area rich in ancient history, not only of Peter proclaiming Jesus as the Christ, but also of pagan idolatry at a place called the Gates of Hell.

We will see the places where idols once stood, and the carved-out niches where smaller idols were placed. We will stare into the gaping cavern thought by early idol worshipers to be the gateway to the abyss.

It is a beautiful area in northern Israel, not far from Tel Dan (which we studied about last week). Today, a tranquil, peaceful creek runs through the park, and Christian groups from around the world are often heard singing praise and worship songs glorifying the Lord.

I invite you to study along with our tour group as we prepare for our journey of a lifetime. Throughout the weeks leading up to our tour, we are posting study guides that help us gain understanding of the places we will see. Bible references are included in order to provide Biblical context to the sites, and other resources are provided for those who want to dig deeper. So, go to the EXPERIENCE ISRAEL Study Guide page and join us in study!


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