The Pressure is on Europe…How Will They Respond?

For decades, Europe has drifted away from the principles of God’s Word. Some contend they have become a godless society. When a nation or a people group turns their back on the Lord, His hand of protection may be removed. (Word of warning to America!)

I believe we are seeing some of the consequences of Europe’s godlessness, as Europe is not only facing sizable financial and leadership challenges, but is now being held captive to demands of evil regimes such as Iran and Turkey. Check out these examples:

Indeed, despite violating the terms of the nuclear deal since its inception, Iran is holding Europe responsible for “coming up with a solution” regarding the failed nuclear deal. Iran has absolutely no intention of curbing their quest for nuclear weapons, yet they gladly receive millions of dollars in funding from those (including the US following the JCPOA) who believe money will convince Iran not to build nuclear bombs!

It has worked so well for Iran that Turkey is now jumping on the bandwagon! Though they do not have the nuclear deal as a carrot, Turkey harbors hundreds of thousands of “refugees” fleeing from war-torn Syria. However, it is known that those “refugees” include thousands of terrorists who may or may not even be from Syria!

Turkey is threatening to open their borders to allow those refugees to flee to Europe, where the terrorists among them will be free to wreck havoc across the European continent. To prevent that, all Europe has to do is…. yes, pay lots of money to Turkey, so they, in turn, can further support the regime of Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad.

So, Europe, since walking away from Christian roots, is being pressured by rogue regimes in Iran and Turkey who hold them hostage to dramatic demands.

Europe is looking for a savior. They are looking for the one person who can bring about peace. That person is the Antichrist who will arise out of a revived Roman empire to broker a peace treaty that everyone is seeking. Keep your eyes on Syria, which is ground zero. Iranian proxies are overtaking portions of Syria, and Turkey’s presence there is expanding as well.

Isaiah 17:1 speaks of a day when Damascus will be utterly destroyed. Once that occurs, the stage is set for the Ezekiel 38 players (Russia, Iran, Turkey, Sudan and Libya) to take center stage as they invade Israel. Pay attention, then, to what goes on in Europe, as the Antichrist will likely arise following that Ezekiel 38 invasion. It will be a time Israel will be ripe for a treaty that will enable them to re-build the Temple. That is exactly what the Antichrist will promise!

Keep looking up, friends, for our redemption draws near! (Luke 21:28)

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