Two Views of Iran

When you think of Iran, what comes to mind? Terrorism? The nuclear deal? “Death to America! Death to Israel?” Co-conspirator with Russia in the Ezekiel 38 attack on Israel?

Those are all legitimate views, based on Iran’s behavior under the evil regime of the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani. They are funding and training terrorist groups all over the Middle East, they consistently spew threats of annihilation toward Israel, they instigate military skirmishes along Israel’s borders, and many other atrocities. When it comes to the nuclear deal, here’s the latest on their shenanigans:

Indeed, evil oozes from Persian leaders.

However, it is important to separate Iranian citizens from the rogue dictatorship that rules Iran. Like any other nation, Iran has its share of hoodlums and domestic terrorists, but it is also a nation of civil, peace-seeking people. They are people just like you and me, trying to make a life for themselves and their families.

Reports indicate a very large revival taking place in Iran, despite the threat of death to those who profess Jesus as Lord. The Lord is appearing in dreams and visions, and the Word is being spread via underground churches active in Iran.

Iran Alive Ministries is a fantastic ministry sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to thousands of Persian people. Check out what they are doing to provide fellowship to the 2 million+ Iranian believers:

Now, hear what one Iranian-born Christian had to say upon his first visit to Israel:

God is at work, my friends! Let’s pray that revival in Iran sweeps the land and engulfs the Middle East.

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