Life in Judea and Samaria that You Won’t See on the News

Related image

Ok Bible-loving friends…if you look at a modern map of Israel, do you know where the Bible lands of Judea and Samaria are? If you can locate the modern day West Bank, you have found Judea and Samaria! On the map to the left, the bean-shaped light brown area is Judea and Samaria (West Bank).

There is often dispute about “Jewish settlements” in the West Bank, and talk about whether or not Israel will reclaim sovereignty. There seems to be constant conflict over territory.

That’s the news you hear in mainstream media. It implies a constant tension between Israelis and Palestinians. But is that the whole story?

Far from it! In trips to the West Bank, I have seen the opposite with my very own eyes. In factories, Jews and Palestinians work peacefully side-by-side, and in some cities they live side-by-side.

You don’t hear those accounts on the news! Neither do you hear of friendly exchange between Jews and Palestinians. Then, how do you account for this photo from Samaria:

Palestinian women enjoy a photo op with a female Israeli police officer.

Why don’t we hear both sides of the story in the news? Because it doesn’t fit the anti-Israeli narrative so many media sources choose to report. Let’s spread the truth for a change!

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