Tragedy within a Messianic Jewish Family – Please Pray

While in Israel in 2015, I was blessed to visit Magdala during an early phase of construction of a beautiful retreat center, and soon after certain areas were opened to the public. It was there I met Hermana Viljoen, a South African native whose heartbeat is ministry to hurting women, whether Arab, Jewish or otherwise. I have never met a more gracious servant of God, and I look forward to seeing her again when our tour group visits Magdala in November.

Occasionally I receive newsletters from Hermana, sharing miraculous victories and specific prayer needs in ministry there. She has a heart of gold and is a true prayer warrior.

Just yesterday I received an update from her that broke my heart. I’ve included it below and ask that you join me in prayer for little Ruti and those making very difficult decisions. Also, the faith of Ruti’s mommy and daddy shown brightly, so pray for the unimaginable grace of Jesus the Messiah to rain down and open the eyes of many Israelis.

Here’s Hermana’s plea for prayer:

The past week was a difficult one for the Body of Messiah in Israel. Shira Sorko-Ram reported on Sunday July 21, 2019: 

Today Ari and I attended the funeral of Rodrigo and Sophi Rosetsky and their baby Itai, all killed in a tragic accident when a truck plowed into their car. Only their three-year-old named Ruti miraculously survived unscathed.  

Rodrigo and Sophi were sold-out born-again committed believers in Yeshua.  And Rodrigo was a much beloved Major in the Israeli Air Force.  Yet with all the incredibly horrendous and untimely deaths to this young couple and their baby, something happened which was a first in modern Israel.  I estimate there were close to 1000 people at the funeral – about half of them soldiers and pilots and officers, including several generals.

Rodrigo and Sophi’s pastor from Jerusalem, Opher Amitai, announced that the funeral would be held according to the faith of Rodrigo – that is, a Messianic Jewish ceremony – obviously with the approval of the Air Force.  And so for 45 minutes, members of the family and friends from their congregation spoke about his life and what it stood for.  They spoke about his family’s faith in Yeshua HaMashiach.

Rodrigo had let his light shine, and was a role model of a true believer. His fellow soldiers testified of what a lovable person he was, and his superior told of what a hard worker he was who always carried out whatever orders he was given.  In life, he passed the test, and in death hundreds of soldiers heard the Good News. 

The Rostesky’sz grew up in our Tel Aviv congregation – seven children.  They participated in our youth group and were active in other Messianic youth events.  When they joined the army, they stayed true to their faith in Yeshua.  Two weeks ago, Rodrigo gave the message at his present congregation.  Pastor Opher, who did a tremendous job as M.C., read part of that sermon  at the closing of the ceremony.   It was powerful.  It is a new day in Israel!

The question is now what should happen to little Ruti? Should she stay in Israel with her daddy’s family, or should she go to the US and be with her mommy’s family. 

Will you please help them through prayer to find God’s best will …


2 thoughts on “Tragedy within a Messianic Jewish Family – Please Pray

  1. Barb Miller

    I am a friend of Sophies Mom and Grandparents in the USA.
    Rodrigo and Sophie’s families need your prayers. Both families have lost so much. Both lost a child. Both lost a grandchild/ great grandchild. Both still share the remaining beautiful child, Ruthie. She is and will be a constant reminder and precious remaining piece of Rodrigo and Sophie. There is much pain involved for these families. Both are beautiful Christian families who care very much for each other also. These families have bonded, have shared love, joy and laughter together. They have spent time together when Rodrigo’s family traveled here for Sophie & Rodrigo’s Wedding and the many trips Sophies family took to visit them in Israel.
    Both families love and adore Ruthie. Neither want to hurt one another. Sophie and Rodrigo had hoped to move to the USA and had been asking to be released to do so.
    Sophies brother, Matthew, will be married on August 24th in the USA. Sophies mother, Christy, has been and will remain in Isreal to continue caring daily (as she has been since the horrific accident) for Ruthie until this is resolved. Christy”s son Matthew and his fiance say they agree that Ruthie comes first, so they understand that
    his Mom might not be home for their wedding. Nothing will lessen the blow that has already been dealt that his precious sister Sophie will not be in attendance.
    Only God can solve this. Pray for God to answer in a way only HE can.
    Sophie, Rodrigo and Itay are in our Saviors presence. God will use their love, and life for His glory!
    Sophie and Rodrigo would be happy knowing that their deaths could bring about others hearing about their Savior and that their journey is now complete.
    They would want you to know that you also can have the same peace and joy that they had, by receiving Christ as your Savior, you too, can have a personal relationship with Him, feeling His presence with you daily. Receive Christ and his Holy Spirit will dwell in you and guide you. Only then will you know and understand who He is and in whom they believed.

    1. Barb, thank you so much for sharing. May I re-post your comments in another blog in the next few days? Many followers of LFTBH are prayer warriors and, I believe, will be blessed by your comments, and will pray for this precious family.

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