US Congress Overwhelmingly Passes Anti-BDS Legislation

In a huge bipartisan majority, Congress overwhelmingly passed very significant anti-BDS legislation on Tuesday. This is fantastic news! Here is the special announcement from AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee):

In 2016, I had the blessed privilege to go to Washington DC for the annual AIPAC Policy Conference, and I was very pleasantly surprised by how pro-Israel our Congress is. Yes, we’ve had an election or two since then, but I can say that support for Israel in Congress is strong. The overwhelming passage of this legislation is evidence of that.

The Bible tells us that those who bless Israel will be blessed (Genesis 12:3), and it also tells us that every nation on earth will one day be judged based on how they treated the land of Israel and the people of Israel (Joel 3:2).

Dear Christian friends, will you join me in thanksgiving that our government, despite all its flaws, still stands with Israel? While we’re at it, let’s commit ourselves to continually stand with Israel and speak up for her. America will not be a player in the last days when Israel most needs support, but let’s be determined that the ONLY way our generation will leave Israel standing alone is if we are raptured! Otherwise, let’s stand firm to the very end!.

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