The Six Day War: Day 6

Israel’s history is checkered with miraculous victories since her rebirth in 1948. Five Arab enemies attacked the day after Israel declared independence that year. Despite being totally out-numbered and lacking military equipment, the Lord brought victory.

Continuing to antagonize the Jewish nation, Arab neighbors came calling once again in 1956. Still out-manned and out-equipped, Israel miraculously won the war, sending hostile enemies reeling in defeat.

Determined to destroy Israel, 1967 brought another threatening scenario, as Egypt and Syria planned an attack (with Jordan and other Arab allies standing by). In order to preserve their nation, Israel launched a preemptive strike on Egypt that launched the Six Day War 52 years ago. We are recounting the days of battle and commemorating Israel’s miraculous victory. We’re focusing on Day 6 today, but be sure to go back to review the previous 5 days of the war to understand just how critical Day 6 was.

Now, for a look at the final day of war:

The war ended, but the aftermath is critical in understanding the gravity of the Six Day War. Come back tomorrow as we close out the series by examining what followed. See you then!

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