The Six Day War: Aftermath

Over the past 6 days, we have commemorated the miraculous victory of the IDF in the Six Day War. Facing Arab plans to annihilate the Jewish state, Israel launched a preemptive strike in order to stave off a much bigger and better equipped Egyptian military. Syria and Jordan stood ready to pound the Israelis as well, yet God brought miraculous victory to the tiny Jewish nation.

If you have missed any of the short video accounts of the Six Day War, be sure to check them out. The aftermath will make much more sense with the basic understanding of the six days of war!

Now, a look at the birth of “land for peace” negotiations:

We have one final part of this series tomorrow, when we examine the long road to peace. Why have we not seen peace in the Middle East after 52 years? Tune in tomorrow to find out why.

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