Will the “Deal of the Century” Finally Bring Peace?

Lots has been said about President Trump and his administration’s “Deal of the Century.” Will it work? That remains to be seen, but if history is any indication, the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity!

Despite encouragement from moderate Arab nations to attend the peace talks, to date the Palestinians have vowed to boycott it. If leaked reports and vague statements from the Trump peace team are any indication, there is much to be gained economically for the people of Gaza and the West Bank. Yet, their leadership is not willing to at least consider what’s on the table.

Most Palestinian people simply want a better life for their families. True, there is a growing multitude of Palestinians committed to terror and antagonism, perpetrated by Hamas and other government leaders. But overall the citizens of Gaza and the West Bank would benefit greatly by a stable economy. Just don’t count on their leaders to secure such a bonanza offered in the peace deal.

Such has been the case throughout history, as the Palestinians have given up opportunities time-after-time-after-time. Unfortunately, their leaders don’t want peace, they want total destruction of Israel…and they won’t accept anything less.

Here’s the history of the two-state solution idea. The “Deal of the Century” will be unveiled in a month. Do you think peace with the Palestinians is even possible?

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