Israel: A Proud Nation Stands!

Today, Israel celebrates Yom Ha’Atzmaut…Independence Day! From a ragtag band of unequipped warriors who fended off 5 Arab nations one day after declaring independence, to today’s 8th most powerful military in the world, Israel stands as a proud nation!

The IDF displays Israeli pride on this 71st birthday of the Jewish state. Enjoy!

PS: In case you are scratching your head, thinking, “I thought Israel’s Independence Day was May 14,” you’re right! On the Gregorian calendar, May 14, 1948, was indeed the day Israel became a nation. However, according to the Jewish (lunar) calendar, Yom Ha’Atzmaut is commemorated on the 5th of Iyar, unless it falls on Friday or Saturday (during the Sabbath). In that case, Yom Ha’Atzmaut is celebrated on the Thursday prior, as it is today!

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