Part 4 – Understanding the Past: What Lessons Can We Learn?

Week 2 of Understanding the Times

God had a plan! Before the foundations of the earth, God chose to bless us (Ephesians 1:3-4), and He chose Abraham as the one through whom He would impart that blessing (Genesis 12:3). Go back and review the previous posts to get the full essence of those promises!

Through the Abrahamic Covenant, God decided to bless all the families of the world. That blessing is salvation, and the Jewish people are the vehicle of world redemption! However, throughout history, mankind has lacked the understanding that we need salvation! Even today, the vast majority of people live their lives as though they have no need of God’s amazing grace!

So, God had to reveal our need and He did that through another covenant: the Mosaic Covenant. Going back to our study of Galatians 3, take a look at verse 7 and 26-29. Again, the Apostle Paul refers back to Abraham, and indicates those of faith…those who have heard the Gospel and received Jesus as Savior…are sons of Abraham. Believers, that’s us!

As we studied yesterday, verse 8 tells us all the nations will be blessed through Abraham and his descendants. Then, the chapter gets into the nitty-gritty. Verses 11-24 teach us that the law, given to Moses, is our tutor, leading us to Christ and showing us our need for salvation!

Whereas the Abrahamic Covenant was the Covenant of Decision, the Mosaic Covenant is the Covenant of Instruction! When we understand lessons of the past, we understand our need for salvation. The Mosaic Covenant was a covenant of law, in which neither the Jewish people nor anyone else is able to keep! We NEED salvation.

Yet, despite the decision and the instruction, there was still one missing element: the means to attain salvation!

We’ll finish off our study with that revelation tomorrow! For now, rejoice that God Himself made a decision to redeem us, and gave us a tutor (instruction) to show us our need. Indeed, the entire world will be blessed through Abraham and his descendants, but we must understand one other covenant. See you tomorrow!

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