Part 3 – Understanding the Past: What Lessons Can We Learn?

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Week 2 of Understanding the Times

Things are about to get really good, my friends! I’m excited about today’s lesson. But first, as quick review. We are looking to the past, when God made covenants with His people, to learn the lessons there. Before the foundation of the world, God chose to bless us (Ephesians 1:3-4), and He called Abraham to birth His chosen people. Genesis 12:3 promises the whole earth will be blessed through Abraham and his descendants. However, the call upon Abram was also a suffering call and a priestly call. (Read yesterday’s post to understand that!)

But that idea of blessing all the families of the earth is an intriguing one! The blessing is salvation! And, yes, the Jewish people (through Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their descendants) became the vehicle of world redemption!

Paul re-emphasized that fact in Galatians 3. (It’s a very interesting chapter…why not just read the whole thing!) Now, focus on verse 8. What did Scripture foresee? Who first heard the Gospel preached? How was it preached? What Abrahamic promise is repeated there?

Dear friends, God chose to justify the Gentiles (that’s most of us!)! This was the extension of God’s blessing of salvation. But notice the Gospel was first preached to Abraham! We think of the Gospel as a New Testament thing, but God was way ahead of the curve! How did He preach it to Abraham? Remember that idea of Abraham “seeing My day” and “was glad” (John 8:56)?

Could it be that God, in that way, preached the Gospel to Abraham and thus, made justification of the Gentiles possible? Paul reiterates God’s promise of Genesis 12:3 when he writes in Galatians 3:8:

“In you [Abraham] shall all the nations be blessed!”

Wow! There you have it, my Gentile friends! God’s eternal blessing has been extended through Abraham, therefore fulfilling God’s promise to bless the entire world! Is that awesome or what!

That’s a lot to digest, so meditate on it. But we’re not through! Come back tomorrow for even more great lessons from the past!

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