Spotlight on Iran

Iranian Defector Allegedly Escaping with Military Secrets

Over the last few days I have reviewed Ezekiel 38 carefully once again, with special attention on Iran (identified as Persia in verse 5), who will play a major roll in the War of Gog and Magog, detailed in that chapter.

Verse 10 describes an evil plan designed in the minds of those who lead the charge. It appears clear that the top-ranking leader in that invasion will be the Prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal…a Russian (verse 3).

As I follow the news, though, I see Iranian motivation increasing to unbelievable heights, given all that is happening there. Just yesterday, I reported on the new IRGC Commander who vowed to “break our enemy.” (Referring primarily to the US and Israel.)

Then, I learned of the alleged defection of Ali Nasiri, a former IRGC counterintelligence officer, with top secret Iranian documents in his possession. To my knowledge, the defection has not been officially confirmed, but news reports are surfacing that Nasiri is seeking asylum at and American embassy somewhere in the Middle East. If true, documents in his possession could be extremely damaging to the Iranian military effort.

Add these most recent developments to prior tidbits of news:

I could go on and on with examples of news out of Iran, but you get the picture: things are not very rosy in Iran. As I consider those factors in light of what I study in Ezekiel 38, I wonder: How long before Iran joins the Russian czar and other people groups named in Ezekiel’s prophecy to launch the invasion on the mountains of Israel? Iran’s primary motive is to develop a world-wide Shi’ite caliphate, but economic pressure could also drive attempts to “capture spoil and seize plunder,” just as verse 12 describes. (Russia will be drawn for the same reason, and will actually lead that charge.)

So, for those of you who look to God’s Word to understand our world today, here is my challenge: take time today to sit down and read Ezekiel 38 while thinking about what’s going on in the nations identified therein. (Those nations are Russia, Iran, Turkey, Sudan and Libya.)

Understanding the times in which we live is critical to living for the Lord in these last days. This is one way to gain that understanding. Another way is to join us for a 4-week study, Understanding the Times, at 8:00am in Room 209 at CalvaryPHX Central campus. (Beginning this Sunday…April 28, 2019!)

See you there!

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