New IRGC Commander: “We will Break Our Enemy!”

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New Iranian Commander, Hossein Salami

While Christians around the world celebrated Jesus’ resurrection on Sunday, much more sinister activities were happening around the world. By now you know about the terror attacks on multiple churches and hotels in Sri Lanka. There, Resurrection Sunday services were filled with Christians who lost their lives simply because they held to a belief system different than the attackers. For some, following Jesus cost them their lives.

But also on Sunday, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei replaced the existing Commander of the elite Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps with Brig. Gen Hossein Salami, a hardliner who publicly announces his intentions to destroy Israel, America and our allies.

Recently, he boasted Iran’s sword is pulled from its sheath and they are ready to “cleanse the planet” of America and Israel. He went on to say:

“We will break our enemy. We have decided to do so. We have a plan. We are organized and motivated. We have faith. We have martyrdom. We have Jihad. Our nation’s sword has been drawn out of its sheath. Our enemies should know that we will never let them be.”

~ IRGC Brig Gen Hossein Salami

This comes shortly after President Trump designated the IRGC a foreign terror organization, and as Trump vowed to deny waivers on sanction imposed upon Iran. The Persian regime appears to be marching toward a place of desperation in which to impose its will on the region and the world. Here is Khamenei’s statement:

“You think if you speak against the Revolutionary Guard you can trigger a difference in Iran?” asked Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani. “You think the guards’ popularity will decrease? Be aware that, from today, the popularity of the guards in the hearts of the Iranian nation and in the region will be more than ever.”

~ Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei

Meanwhile, Iran is dealing with unprecedented flooding and many citizens have rioted in the streets of most Iranian cities for months. It hardly sounds like a nation in which the popularity of the guards will be “more than ever.” But who knows…perhaps the evil regime will suck them in to convince them their “brand of Islam” truly is the way, the truth and the life.

But I don’t think so.

Jesus Himself is the way, the truth and the life, and He says no one comes to the Father but through Him (John 14:6). Life is difficult in Iran these days. People are looking for answers. God is at work and the Holy Spirit is moving throughout the Middle East. Kurds and Syrians are coming to Christ in Kobani Syria, Christians who were attacked in Sri Lanka will grow in their faith and become even stronger, and the people of Iran will find the Savior when they seek Him. Lord knows, they have plenty of reason to do so right now.

So, fellow believers, you know the plea: Pray for the people of Iran. Most are not satisfied with what the government is foisting upon them spiritually, physically and politically. May they seek the Lord and find the freedom they seek in Him! Fellow prayer warriors, please pray.

Meanwhile, I will remind you again: it is important to understand the times and seasons in which we live. Why not join us for a short, 4-week study at CalvaryPHX, called Understanding the Times. It begins this Sunday (April 28, 2019) and continues each Sunday morning at 8:00am through May 19. We’ll be in Room 209 at Calvary’s Central Campus. Come join us!

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