Muslims Converting to Christianity in Kobani Syria

Celebrating Jesus’ resurrection never gets old, and while we continue to enjoy the season, let’s rejoice in what the Lord is doing in isolated places in the midst of chaos in Syria.

Kobani, a war-torn city in northern Syria, has become a bit of a safe haven for new converts from Islam to Christianity. Once besieged by ISIS, residents of Kobani are returning with lost faith in Islam, and religion in general. However, about 20 families have newfound faith in Jesus, and worship Him together.

Their witness it getting out. According to The Jerusalem Post, a young man who lost an arm in the conflict, stated:

“They seemed happy and all talked about love. That’s when I decided to follow Jesus’s teachings.”

Some accuse these people of portraying themselves as Christians for material gain or to seek asylum. Such may be the case with some, but I believe the Lord desires to do a mighty work in any heart that will turn to Him. Let’s pray for hearts and minds to be committed to the Lord, and for a revival fire to ignite in Kobani Syria while there is still time.

UPDATE: Here is another fantastic update from Open Doors: The Radical Resurrection Story of the Church in the Middle East

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