Palestinians: “Nothing to Live For”

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Conditions are dismal in the Gaza Strip, yet Hamas turns upon the citizens of Gaza.

Amidst the current chaos in and around Gaza over the past couple days, it is important to understand a bit about what is going on inside the Gaza Strip. The reality is that many (if not most) Palestinian people are fed up with the ruling terrorist party, Hamas. Hopefully you’ll understand more about why that is as you consider this…

When the US gave Iran $150 billion in the nuclear deal, Iran began “investing” it. It is invested in terrorism via proxies such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and others who will do Iran’s dirty work. That money goes, not to the Palestinian people of Gaza (or anyone else in need), but to build and supply rockets (such as the ones recently fired into Israel), to enhance their nuclear program, to pay terrorists and their families stipends for murdering IDF soldiers and Jewish citizens, and to line the pockets of the leaders of those terrorist groups. Those leaders live very luxurious lives while citizens of the Gaza Strip live in poverty.

Many Palestinians are awakening to that fact and admitting their government is stealing from them and driving them into poverty. In fact, Hamas is now raiding citizens’ homes and causing unimaginable fear. Furthermore, they are threatening to do harm to anyone who divulges Hamas’ terror cells or the locations of rocket launchers (as if Israel doesn’t already know!) This leaves some Palestinians to believe there is no longer anything for which to live.

CBN covered it well in their article ‘Nothing to Live For:’ Gaza Civilians Protest Dismal Conditions as Hamas Raids Homes, Arrest Journalists. Once again, I call us all to prayer for the people of Gaza. They are brainwashed and living under extreme tyranny every single day. As believers of the One True God who is able to bring them victory in life, please join me in praying for the people of Gaza.

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