Perhaps No One has Ever Gotten it Done in the UN Like Nikki Haley

As 2018 comes to a close, we say good bye to one of America’s most powerful, yet civil, servants.  Nikki Haley’s job as US Ambassador to the United Nations ends as the final page blows off the 2018 calendar and we will all miss her candor, delivered with integrity.

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I am not a political expert, but I have found much in which to be impressed. An Indian-American, Haley grew up in the Sikh faith, but turned to Jesus at age 24 and now speaks forthrightly about Christianity and her personal relationship with Jesus, her Savior.  That faith has been a guiding light in public service, and she has been perhaps the most staunch supporter of Israel in US history.

According to her resignation letter to President Trump in October, she is returning to private life and will not be seeking election to any office in 2020.  She is a terrific public servant and I hope she will once again consider serving the American people.  Meanwhile, I pray she and her family reap blessings as a result of her faithful service.

She will be missed.

Here is her final address to the UN Security Council, delivered just a few days ago:

Thank you, Nikki Haley, for your service, and particularly your strong stance with Israel.

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