Don’t Mess with this Female IDF Officer!

Cpt. Or Na'aman, commander of the Patriot battery of the 138th battalion, also commanded interceptio
Cpt Or Na’aman, commander of the Patriot battery of the 138th battalion. (photo credit: IDF SPOKESMAN’S UNIT)

Captain Or Na’aman was at the helm of a Patriot battery of the 138th battalion when action took place not once, but twice, recently in Israel.  On separate occasions, Patriot missiles were fired and hit their targets…a Syrian drone and a Syrian fighter jet, within the past couple weeks.

That captain is a young female in the IDF!  Read the account here:

Double Whammy: Female IDF Officer Downs Syrian Jet and Drone

The Syrians may utter threats in response, but it doesn’t seem to be wise to mess with this young soldier!

BTW – Can you imagine 18-21 year-olds being given that kind of responsibility in most other countries?  I certainly can’t picture it in America.  However, Israeli youth grow up quickly when they enter the military, and are given immense responsibility.  Certainly, God’s hand is upon them, but will you take a few minutes right now to pray for the young men and women making such decisions for the IDF?  They are facing extreme threats and must lead with wisdom.  Pray for them!

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