Israeli Air Force Hosting International Conference, 20+ Nations Attending

(Photo Credit: IDF website, accessed 5/21/2018)

Top military officials from around the world are gathering in Israel today for a 3-day conference to bolster cooperation and regional stability through air superiority.  Over 20 nations, including the US, several European countries, Canada, Brazil and many others, will participate in lectures, tours, strategic discussions and aerial training.  Innovation and technology will be at the forefront, and emphasis will be on various regional challenges.

Hear Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin describe the purpose of the event here, or see the IAF’s report here.  By showcasing their technology and values, Israel is strengthening partnerships around the world, including in Sunni Muslim countries, once enemies of Israel.

But news bites aside, here is what I find refreshing: the tiny country of Israel is boldly taking leadership in various ways on the worldwide stage.  They are not the little nation dependent upon America (or anyone else).  They have come of age and have matured into a self-sufficient nation, not only capable of taking care of herself, but also extending encouragement and aid to other nations much her senior.  To whom much is given, much is required and Israel is giving back in so many ways.

Pray for bridges of cooperation to be built, despite political differences.  Pray that bonds will be strengthened between Israel and the nations of the world.  Pray that all who attend this event will be blessed.  God has given Israel a special mission, according to Genesis 12:3: to be a blessing to every nation.  Indeed, Israel is growing friendships and leading with dignity.  May all who attend more deeply understand the Biblical implications.





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