EU Statement Condemning US Embassy Move Blocked

In an effort seemingly to embarrass and isolate the Trump administration just days ahead of the US Embassy opening in Jerusalem, the EU drafted a statement criticizing the move.

The draft had three key points:

  • Jerusalem should be the capital of both an Israeli and a Palestinian state,
  • The final status of Jerusalem should be determined through negotiations by both parties (well, at least we agree on something!), and
  • EU member states will not follow America’s lead in moving their embassies to Jerusalem.

The draft was put forth by France and other EU member states, to be published by EU Foreign Policy chief Federica Mogherini, with the support of all 28 EU members.

However, a funny thing happened on the way to ratification of that statement:  Hungary, the Czech Republic and Romania blocked it, making it impossible to achieve consensus necessary to publish it!

Way to go, Hungary, Czech Republic and Romania!  May God bless you for standing with Israel.  (And He will!)  BTW – visitors from Hungary, the Czech Republic and Romania often follow this blog!  I see you…and I welcome you!

Global politics always has its ups and downs, so wise statesmen know not to get “too high” or “too low” when the tides turn.  True…Israel and the US are enjoying some “high times” right now, but history tells us it won’t last forever.

But there is a “high” that lasts forever!  Being in the middle of God’s will brings eternal peace and victory in Christ Jesus!  Christian friends, aren’t you glad we serve a King who may be condemned and criticized by the world, but will never lose the battle!  We are secure in Him, regardless of how high or low things get in this world!

Better still…He is our Redemption, and He is coming soon!  Luke 21:28

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