Looking Toward Israel’s Second 70th Anniversary Celebration!

We’re approaching Israel’s Independence Day, as May 14 (on the Gregorian calendar) will mark their 70th birthday! (Independence Day on the Hebrew calendar fell on April 19 this year. That’s why the nation of Israel celebrated a few weeks ago.)  While most nations celebrate freedom on their Independence Day, Israel celebrates their existence!  Never in the history of the world has a nation been exiled and come back to re-establish their nation, their language and their culture after 2,000 years.

In fact, as if to cement their uniqueness, Israel has survived two exiles and returns, each prophesied by the Old Testament prophets!  (Find out more about those exiles and returns here and here.)

Indeed, there is no place on earth like Israel.  They have a unique birth, a unique history, a unique purpose and a unique re-birth.  It is the 70th anniversary of that re-birth that will be celebrated on May 14!

However, there are those who believe Israel’s true independence is not an earthly one, but only through their Messiah will they have true eternal freedom.  Here is how our friends at One for Israel describe it:


Pray this 70th year of independence will bring eternal independence to many!

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