More Implications for Israel

Welcome back, and pull up a chair!  We’ve gathered again to look further into God’s dealings with Israel and the nations.  Yesterday we reviewed 4 Biblical principles regarding Israel, and we examined a couple of implications relative to those principles.  Today we’ll learn of additional implications.

Given the Principle of Righteousness (living in the land is conditional upon whether or nor Israel lives in righteousness), and the fact that losing land may be God’s correction of them, there are only two options for the current, secular Jewish nation: God must exile them once again, or He must save them!  Isaiah 11:11-16 seems to indicate two exiles and returns, and we know that those have occurred.  If that is true, God must save His people!

Hosea 5:14-6:3 paints a very vivid picture of Israel’s “spiritual harlotry.”  Hosea, a prophet of God, was instructed by Him to marry a prostitute.  Why?  Because just as Hosea is a picture of Christ, the prostitute is a picture of Israel.  Just as the harlot “cheated” on Hosea, so Israel “cheats” (spiritually) on God.  In that passage we find:

  • The Messiah will come
  • Israel will not recognize or receive Him
  • He will leave them  (v 14-15)  (See also John 14:3: “…I will go to prepare a place for you…”)
  • They will be without hope (v 14-15)
  • They will be afflicted (v 14-15)
  • They will seek Him (v 1)
  • He will heal them (v2-3)

Hosea 6:1-3 implies repentance!  God will revive Israel and give her salvation once repentance occurs.  A national revival will occur!

But meanwhile, Israel may well lose some land.  Conflict will be for her redemption and the return of the Messiah!  Check out the two passages below:

The hardening that has come upon Israel will be lifted and all Israel will be saved AFTER the fullness of the Gentiles has come in.  Once God calls the last Gentile to salvation, God’s plan for the Jews will resume and they will be saved!  Grace and mercy will be poured out when Israel repents and turns once more to the Lord for salvation!  Let’s pray to that end!

Implications of the 4 Biblical principles have significant impact on Israel!  Tomorrow we’ll take a look at the implications on the nations!  Stop back in tomorrow for that!

Blessings friends!

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