A “Must See” when You Visit Israel

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Hi everyone!  On my last trip to Israel I finally got a chance to take in the Night Spectacular at David’s Tower.  This is a “must see” in the Old City and I found myself asking, “What took me so long to finally do this!?!”

The Night Spectacular is an unbelievable laser light show, projected on to the walls of David’s Citadel.  Through incredible technology, historic events are splashed literally all over the gigantic walls.  Photography is not allowed during the Night Spectacular, but the Tower of David Museum has posted a video that provides a very brief glimpse of what you will see.  Take a look:


If you visit Israel, put this on your “must do” list!  David’s Citadel sits just inside Jaffa Gate of the Old City, and shows are held several times a week (depending upon time of year).

On a different note, I just found a really cool website celebrating Israel’s 70th anniversary by posting a video per day of “off the beaten path” sites in Israel!  Come back tomorrow when I’ll share much more information about that!

2 thoughts on “A “Must See” when You Visit Israel

  1. Linda Rees

    Thanks for sending the video. I got to see this incredible show when I was there 2 years ago. Fun to get a glimpse of it again.
    Linda Rees 🇮🇱

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