Israeli Intelligence Officer Gives a Brief regarding Israel’s Northern Border

Lt Col (Ret) Sarit Zehavi at AIPAC

It is simply astounding that Israelis go on with life, despite real and imminent danger right in their backyard!  Israelis put tremendous trust in the IDF and their ability to contain threats, but make no mistake: the threats are very real and present.

Last month, Lt Col (Ret) Sarit Zehavi gave a current briefing to AIPAC Conference attendees of the situation in Lebanon and Syria.  Lt Col Zehavi is a retired IDF intelligence officer who spent 15 years keeping Israel’s northern borders secure.  Complete with very clear pictures diagramming the position of enemy forces, Zehavi explains how Hezbollah, Syrian forces, rebel forces and the Iranian military are each positioned just across the border with Israel.

This fascinating and very informative talk will bring clarity to the threat posed by the radical groups amassed to Israel’s north.  So, sit down, relax and take in the 13-minute briefing.

Israel’s Northern Border

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