Walking Where Jesus Walked…but Where?

We'll see these sites during our trip to Israel. Can you identify them? Bonus question: We know for certain Jesus' feet walked on 2 of the 3 places, and there is a good chance He walked on the third as well! Do you know which two He definitely walked upon? Registration for our tour closes …

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Worship Jesus Christ Our King!

One of my favorite worship songs of Christmas, recorded at the Tower of David. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFoFOZmSIfY

Let’s Worship the King of Israel

It has been a while since we worshiped together, so let's enjoy a little Christmas worship from the Tower of David in Jerusalem! Find yourself a quiet place and enter into worship of the King of Israel! https://youtu.be/yFoFOZmSIfY

Let’s Worship the God of Israel!

Last November, our tour group visited David's Citadel to witness a magnificent laser light show. The incredibly re-built citadel and Tower of David house a fabulous museum, but also serves as a splendid venue for the light show and an occasional concert. One of my favorite Messianic worship leaders is Joshua Aaron, who happened to …

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