Real Action Set to Start in Juniper Cobra 2018

Image result for juniper cobra 2018

In early February, American troops began arriving in Israel for the biennial Juniper Cobra 2018 military exercises, simulating defense against missile attacks.  Troops and equipment have arrived and extensive preparations are complete.  Real action in the joint exercises is scheduled to begin Sunday, March 4 and continue through March 15.

You will find more information about Juniper Cobra 2018 on the IDF’s official website.  Click here.

Particularly with all that is going on in the Middle East, let’s pray for both Israeli and American service members who are honing their skills.  Pray, also, for the commanders who lead the charge.  They need God’s wisdom in determining the best use of resources and opportunities.  Finally, let’s pray consistently for the Commanders in Chief.  In the United States, that is President Trump, and in Israel it is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  It is these two men who must ultimately make the very difficult decisions about how and when to commit their nations’ troops to military action.

Be a prayer warrior!

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