Nikki Haley: “Assad’s Bombing Must Stop!”

In typical Nikki Haley fashion, the American ambassador to the UN once again spoke civilly, but very direct to the United Nations a few days ago.  This time she admonished the UN Security Council for dragging its feet while Syrian President Bashar al-Assad continues using chemical weapons on his own people.

Hear it in her own words:


We all know how quickly the UN is to sanction Israel for “human rights violations” when they take out Hamas rocket launchers in the Gaza Strip.  It is a well-documented fact that Hamas (and other terrorist organizations) use women and children as human shields, putting them in the way of Israeli laser-guided missiles sent to blow up terrorist positions.  Yet, when Assad blatantly murders his own people with chemical weapons, the UN either says nothing at all, or drags its feet in response.

This isn’t a “whine” about Israel being treated poorly, but rather a comparison between good and evil.  Every day, we’re seeing a world sold more and more deeply into the devil’s domain.  I praise God for faithful Christian servants such as Nikki Haley who actually live out their faith in service to our country.  May each of us take a lesson and live out our faith in our sphere of influence.  A lost and dying world is counting on us!

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