Trump and Netanyahu United in Speeches to UN General Assembly

Praise God the US has once again taken a firm stand with Israel.  It has not always been that way, and the Bible tells us it will not always be that way in the future.  (Joel 3:1-3 and Zechariah 12:3, for examples)  But today, the US and Israel stand perhaps stronger than ever before.

It is clear that President Trump and PM Netanyahu are coordinating plans and speeches, determined to present a unified front in battles against terrorism and rogue regimes out to destroy both nations.  If you missed the speeches at the UN, carve out some time to watch and listen.  Here are some take aways:

  • Both took a hard line on Iran, committing to take necessary steps to prevent Iran’s nuclear ambitions (including the destruction of Israel) from coming to fruition.
  • President Trump also spoke authoritatively about North Korea’s threat to the free world.
  • Netanyahu touted Israel as the “Innovation Nation” now reaching out to countries around the world.
  • Perhaps most impressive, President Trump spoke very boldly about nationalism (vs globalism), and encouraged all nations to become strong.  (Globalism will ultimately morph into One World Order…a sign of the end times.)
  • My favorite line of Trump’s speech: “If the righteous many do not confront the wicked few, then evil will triumph.”  Amen!

Here are their speeches.  Enjoy!

PS: I’m reviewing other speeches from the UN General Assembly as well.  Stay tuned for further news.

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