A Day in the Life…in Israel!

Julaine's YardHi everyone!  I’m enjoying the sites and sounds of Jerusalem, beyond the typical “tourist” experience.  I’m staying with a friend of mine and here is the view of the front patio, just outside my bedroom window.  Not many of us Phoenicians enjoy yards like that!  While a bit warmer than normal, it is absolutely beautiful here!

Ben Yehuda WalkYesterday, a friend and I walked all over the surrounding area, then home following the worship service at King of Kings Community.  (For my “fitness” friends, I clocked over 25,000 steps!  Almost a normal Jerusalem day!)  On the way home, we passed a very familiar landmark, Ben Yehuda Street.  The walking mall of shops and sidewalk cafes seems to always be lit by some sort of decorative lighting.  Here is what we saw last night.  BTW – the shwarma (my favorite Israeli “fast food”) was delicious!

First Station is another Jerusalem landmark, off the beaten “tourist” path.  Here, young and old gather to play and to enjoy life together in this covered, outdoor venue.  There are many things for children to IMG_20170903_203423568enjoy, and even a few good, clean, fun things for adults to enjoy.  Just as we approached, we saw a crowd dancing Israeli-style to the music of a DJ.  It was not a “party atmosphere,” but rather a family-friendly gathering.  Fun to see families enjoying a night on the town in such a wholesome way.

Related imageAs you might well imagine, Israel does not celebrate the American Labor Day holiday, so all of Jerusalem was back to work today!  Thus, I labored (volunteered!) at the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem!  What a blessing it was to attend chapel, meet the staff, fellowship around lunch and projects, and see the team working hard to prepare for the Feast of Tabernacles in October.  These are all dedicated men and women, committed to representing Jesus Christ to Israel and to the world.  If you are not familiar with the Feast of Tabernacles, check out this website.  The Bible tells us that, one day, we will all gather together in the City of God (Jerusalem) to worship the Lord.  Why not get a head start!

Well, that’s it from here.  Off the beaten path and enjoying true Israeli culture.  Happy Labor Day!




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