Let’s Worship! Koli El’Adonai

Happy Lord's Day, friends!  Are you ready to start your day with worship?  How about a taste of worship in Hebrew?  Let's lift our voices to the Lord with the worship team of King of Kings Community in Jerusalem!  Enjoy!

Let’s Worship Adonai!

The Hebrew word Adonai means "Lord," and you find it throughout the Hebrews scriptures (Tanakh, which is our Old Testament).  Jewish people like to worship Adonai, and Messianic Jews know that Adonai is none other than Yeshua...Jesus! As you enjoy this Lord's Day, take a few minutes to worship Adonai!

Worship the Messiah…and Learn of His Soon Return

Happy Lord's Day, my friends!  We're going to spend a special time together today.  We will worship the Messiah, then will learn of His soon return. The worship experience comes from King of Kings Congregation in Jerusalem, while the teaching is one of the most comprehensive explanations of current events and God's future plans I …

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A Day in the Life…in Israel!

Hi everyone!  I'm enjoying the sites and sounds of Jerusalem, beyond the typical "tourist" experience.  I'm staying with a friend of mine and here is the view of the front patio, just outside my bedroom window.  Not many of us Phoenicians enjoy yards like that!  While a bit warmer than normal, it is absolutely beautiful …

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