Positive First Impressions on Trump’s Visits to Saudi Arabia and Israel

Trump-Netanyahu Joint Press Conference  (photo credit:GPO)

Hi friends, I am following the news, as you probably are, regarding President Trump’s Middle East tour ahead of a trip to the Vatican, Brussels and the G7 Summit.

I haven’t analyzed as much news as I will eventually, but my initial impressions are positive.  I have seen much of Trump’s speech given in Saudi Arabia, and find it very positive in tone and substance.  Joel Rosenberg commented at length on that speech, and I agree in large part.

Upon departing Saudi Arabia, President Trump took a direct flight to Tel Aviv Israel.  Of course, all his flights are direct, but what is interesting about that trip is that Saudi Arabia and Israel do not have diplomatic relations, thus there are no direct flights between the countries (unless you are aboard Air Force One).

The President was warmly welcomed in Israel and historic “firsts” were made…not the least of which is the very first visit to the Western Wall by a sitting US President.  Read more about history being made here.

Throughout the trip so far, President Trump has called for peace.

Trump then echoed earlier statements he made during the day concerning Iran, and the need to rein in Tehran’s spreading influence in the region.

America and Israel, along with allies in the region, need to begin “facing the threat from the Iranian regime, which is causing so much suffering in the region,” the president said.

Trump also mentioned the need to stamp out “terrorism and extremism from the Muslim world,” and aim at “eradicating the violent ideologies that have been responsible for much of the killing around the world.”
~Jerusalem Post, May 22, 2017

Honestly, I’ve never seen Donald Trump more “presidential.”  If you follow this blog, you know of the skepticism often expressed regarding my confidence in him as the highest political leader of our country.  But, many of us have prayed long and hard for the Lord to mold him and use him in a way that honors our country and the Lord Jesus Christ.  I believe he has people influencing him in the right direction.  I still do not agree with all he says or does, but our duty as believers is to pray for him  Let’s continue to do so as he re-sets American foreign policy in the Middle East, and may he continue to be “presidential” as he represents the United States of America!

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