Celebrating Purim

Chag Sameach!  “Joyous festival!”

At the Hebrew celebration of Purim, it is indeed a joyous festival!  Described in the book of Esther, the Jews celebrate the day that Queen Esther and her cousin, Mordechai, saved the Jewish people from annihilation at the hands of an evil Persian ruler.

Today, Persian (Iranian) leaders still seeks to destroy the Jewish people!  Take the time today to explore the book of Esther.  Read it in one sitting and discover the reasons the Jews celebrate the day.

Then enjoy Amir Tsarfati’s commentary on the celebration of Purim.

As so aptly spoken: “We don’t need an Esther any more in the palace.  We need the prayers of the saints worldwide.”  Come on prayer warriors, let’s fill the heavens with the sweet aroma of prayer!

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