Are American Students being Taught Islam is School?

America was born a Christian nation – America was born to exemplify that devotion to the elements of righteousness which are derived from the revelations of Holy Scripture.
~President Woodrow Wilson

In these last 200 years, we have guided the building of our Nation and our society by those principles and precepts brought to earth nearly 2,000 years ago on that first Christmas.
~President Lyndon B Johnson

As our great nations approaches 250 years of existence, we seem to be “off the rails” in terms of the principles in which our nation was founded. Throughout our history, presidents have affirmed America as a Christian nation.  Yet, we are clearly seeing the slide into post-Christian America.

Need evidence?  Here is what is happening in an LA-area school:

I suspect LA is not the only city in which such teaching takes place.

To be clear, America is a free country, granting everyone the privilege of worshipping as they desire.  Yet, that privilege does not extend into forcing false religion upon school-age children.  Our roots are eroding, and it is happening at every level, including school children.

Friends, these are ominous signs of a dangerous pathway.  It has never been more important than now to stand firm on the Word of God, and to pray for our country.  The Bible teaches us that the last days will be filled with false teaching, chaos, and “falling away” from the truth of God’s Word.  Be diligent, faithful ones!  Our Bridegroom is coming soon.  Stay the course and be ready when He appears!


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