Do Emerging Details Provide a Hint to the Trump-Netanyahu Middle East Plan?

It has been an interesting week, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met face-to-face with President Trump for the first time since the inauguration.  During the joint press conference prior to two days of meetings at the White House and Capitol Hill, the two revealed few, if any, solid details of what to expect in terms of Middle East strategy.  Since then, a few hints have been dropped.

For example, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman is pledging his support of President Trump’s Middle East plans.  The Saudi Foreign Minister, Adel al-Jubeir, said,”We look forward to working with the Trump administration on all issues. We are very very optimistic about our ability to resolve issues in the region.” Thus, it appears that some Arab states are indeed willing to partner with the US (and by extension, Israel!) against the evil of Iran’s nuclear threat and radical Islamic threats from ISIS and others.

Another example came as Netanyahu granted an interview to Fox News.  In it, he talks about the growing alliance with certain Arab states, and why they are now willing.

“Radical Islam has two fountainheads: The radical Sunnis led by ISIS and before that, by Al Qaida, and the radical Shiites led by Iran. The Arab countries are threatened by both, and when they look around they say ‘who is going to help us from these twin threats?’ Well, there is one country in the region that’s powerful, that’s determined, that’s resolved to fight this common enemy- and that is Israel. So they don’t view us anymore as their enemy, but increasingly they see us as their ally against a common threat.”
~Fox News (see videos below)

Trump, Netanyahu and their advisors are definitely cooking up a strategy in the Middle East.  The Fox News interview with Netanyahu reveals the mindset of the US-Israeli alliance, so I encourage to watch the 2-part interview:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Continue praying for the Prime Minister, our President and all the advisors of each.


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