Iran Illegally Tests Ballistic Missile, Jordan’s King Abdullah Launching a “Working Visit” to the US

While the world, including the Middle East, seemed to simmer down somewhat during the tailend of American presidential elections, activity seems to be ramping up now that President Trump has taken office.

On Sunday, Iran conducted another illegal test fire of a ballistic missile, said to have flown 600 kilometers (far enough to reach Israel), but exploded, failing re-entry tests.  As part of the Iran Nuclear Deal, UN Resolution 2231 prohibits Iran from firing ballistic test missiles…a resolution obviously ignored during this and previous test launches.

Read the full report and catch the 1-minute video report by Fox News.

Meanwhile, King Abdullah of Jordan is set to begin a “working visit” to the US soon, marking the first visit between a leader of a major Arab country and the new US administration.  While it is yet unclear whether or not Trump and Abdullah will meet, the king will definitely meet with key members of Trump’s administration.

Though normally a rather friendly relationship between the US and Jordan, King Abdullah has voiced disagreement with Trump policies regarding moving the US embassy and immigration.

As things begin to stir once more, I am reminded that our sovereign Lord knows the end from the beginning (Isaiah 46:10), and in a world that can spin quickly out of control, He measures the waters in the hallow of His hand, marks off the heavens, measures the dust of the earth, weighs the mountains in scales and the hills in a balance (Isaiah 40:12).  He is so very much in control!

We can rest upon that fact, regardless of what Iran does and regardless of who is right and wrong in the standoffs in Washington and around the world.  Let’s commit ourselves to pray, then stand back and watch what God can do!

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