Response to Trump’s Executive Order Banning Immigration

In general, I am in agreement with Joel Rosenberg’s assessment of President Trump’s Executive Order temporarily banning immigrants from certain countries. However, as a nation, we MUST tone down the rhetoric between politicians, political parties, and Americans in general. It will do us absolutely no good to slam one another on issues or ideology.

Let’s pray in earnest, dear Christian friends. Indeed, the new administration must learn to take the high road in communication, and so must the detractors. But our Lord’s command to you and me is to pray for those in leadership over us. Will you do three things before you go to bed tonight?

  1. Read 1 Timothy 2:1-3
  2. Read Franklin Graham’s article from 2014 regarding praying for our leaders.
  3. Pray accordingly!

Be a warrior on your knees, friends!

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

trump-executiveorderPresident Trump triggered a firestorm of domestic and global protest over his new Executive Order issued on Friday. [To read the full text, please click here.]

I am grateful for a Commander-in-Chief who finally recognizes the threat posed by followers of Radical Islam and is willing to take bold and decisive action to protect the American people.

There is a real and growing threat that ISIS or groups like it will try to launch massive terror attacks inside the United States. There are FBI investigations of ISIS in all 50 states. And the ISIS ideology is metastasizing like cancer.

If such threats are not taken seriously, Americans could be attacked without warning.

But this Executive Order has been mishandled by the new administration.

It is not a “Muslim Ban,” as it is being portrayed by its critics. But it feels like one.

It doesn’t ban Muslims from the world’s largest Islamic…

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