God’s Special Purpose for the Jewish People

Welcome back friends…and happy Monday!

Yesterday we discovered that, though Israel is God’s chosen land and the Jews are God’s chosen people, God does not love them any more or any less than the rest of us!  Praise God for that!

But what is God’s purpose in choosing them?   The last part of Genesis 12:3 tells us specifically what God’s purpose is for Abraham and his descendants: to bless all the families of the earth.  What is that blessing?  It is world redemption…it is salvation!

God gave that unique role to Israel.  No other nation on earth has ever been tasked with blessing the entire world by giving them the Messiah and bringing about salvation.  Because of that unique role, and the critical importance of success,  Israel is afforded special care by God and the promise that Israel will survive!

However, in spite of God’s protection of them, there is a battle raging against Israel…and it has raged for a very long time!  There are those who wish to see the nation of Israel “wiped off the map,” and others want to annihilate the people.  We have seen both Biblical and non-Biblical attempts to do so: Amonites, Philistines, Assyrians, Babylonians, Romans and others tried to destroy Israel. Since then, the crusades, the Nazi regime (leading to the Holocaust), and modern-day Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas have all vowed to eliminate the Jewish people.

So, to be Jewish and to be given a special purpose is not the easiest thing to live with!  For a moment, consider what that would be like…you are specially called by God, yet you are hated by the world.  Not an easy position!  So, the next time you think of the Jews, pray for their protection, for courage, and for Christians everywhere to stand with Israel!

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