Obama to Appear on Israel Channel 2 to Defend UN Resolution Decision

Tomorrow, Israel channel 2 will broadcast an interview conducted by an Israeli reporter.  In it, President Obama defends his decision not to veto UN Security Council Resolution 2334, which makes building in Israeli “settlements” illegal.  (You can read more about that here, and Benjamin Netanyahu’s response here.)

In the soon-to-air interview, Obama denies betraying Israel, citing his “obligation to do what I think is right.”  Beyond that, though, he had this to say about Netanyahu’s statements that Obama colluded with the Palestinians:

“I think- I’ll be honest with you- that kind of hyperbole, those kinds of statements don’t have basis in fact. They may have worked well to deflect attention from settlements, they may play well with Bibi’s [Netanyahu’s] political base as well as with the republican political base here in the United States, but they don’t match up with the facts.”

According to Israeli intelligence, they have extensive evidence that Obama did just that.  Time will tell, when intelligence information is released to the Trump administration.

The I24 news report, as well as a brief video of Obama’s remarks, may be found here.

Regardless, the Obama term is ending uglier all the time. Please continue to pray that the upcoming events in Paris, Russia, and the UN do not bloom into bigger issues for Israel.

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