America…and One World Government

Hi gang!  I’m wandering off the beaten path today because, in thinking about the Biblical prophecy of One World Government (see Revelation 13, particularly verse 7), I recently recognized how the US might play into that.  While I don’t believe America will be a major player in end time events, I do see a potential prelude in American government that foreshadows a One World Government, and I want to share some thoughts with you.

Many Americans were surprised by the victory of Donald Trump on election night.  Many others were dismayed, and some are even protesting.  Now there is talk of re-counts in several states whose electoral votes wound up on the Republican side of the scales.  Furthermore, some left-wingers are furious because, while Hillary Clinton racked in 2 million more votes than Donald Trump, Trump won the majority of electoral votes, so is now president-elect.

Mounting tension is growing over the way we elect our leaders, and some are insisting that, in a democracy, the popular vote (not electoral votes) should decide the election.  You know what?  They are right.  In a democracy, that would be the case.

Interestingly, though, most Americans fail to realise that America is a REPUBLIC, not a DEMOCRACY…and the two are not synonymous.  (Here is a very good explanation of the differences between a republic and a democracy.)

Stop now to consider the names of those two forms of government…republic and democracy.  Where do you think party names such as “Republican” and “Democrat” come from?  And you know what?   Each is functioning according to its namesake…Democrats for more government, Republicans for less.  (Again, I recommend you watch the video linked above if you wonder what in the world I’m talking about!)

So, what does that have to do with One World Government?  Just this: a true democracy becomes “majority/mob rule” if left to its devices.  When the majority rules, then law and order disappear.  Why?  Because people are not “primarily good,” they are sinful.  Short of the saving grace of Jesus Christ, we are nothing but sinful, selfish beings.  (That’s why we see “the majority” giving the okay to murder babies, marry same sex individuals, and determine that other sinful acts should be legal.)

Ultimately, the One World Government will look similar.  I’m not saying it will necessarily be a democracy.  It may well be an oligarchy (rule of a few…Satan, anti-christ and false prophet), but it will be far from a republic, based on rule of law that provides inalienable rights, despite majority rule.  (Unless, of course, the Supreme Court disregards those inalienable rights…as they have done with unborn children.)

Seems our forefathers knew what they were doing when they established the Constitution, Bill or Rights, etc to govern a REPUBLIC!  They knew we would need rule of law in order to survive.  How did they know that?  Because there were Godly forefathers who looked to the guidance and wisdom of an almighty God to build a foundation.

In some ways, America has loosened itself from the moorings of that republic and have drifted toward democracy.  I don’t know where America is headed in the short-term, but I know where we’re headed in the longer-term (though perhaps not so distant in time!)  Ultimately, as indicated in Joel 3:2, all nations will turn their backs on Israel and will be judged for it.   (Nations, including America…if we still exist, will fail the Israel test!)

Friends, Americans have been granted one last chance to keep America on the rails, if only for a little while longer.  While our nation is showing glaring signs of implosion, I believe the Lord has shown favor to the remnant in America who have been faithful to pray for leaders who will lead with decency, honesty, integrity and righteousness.  We don’t know yet to what degree we have that…but it is also not up to our politicians to right the ship.

Let’s be the ones to do that!  It starts with revival in the hearts of individuals making up the body of Christ!  It’s time, Christians, to be about the Father’s business.  Arise, shine!  Stand and be seen and heard.  Come back tomorrow for more thoughts about that.


PS: If you have not seen Amir Tsarfati’s teaching on One World Government, I recommend it.  (It is just over an hour long, but its a holiday weekend.  So grab a cup of coffee, sit and relax!)

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